About us

Marco Viti Farmaceutici: health and wellbeing since 1933. 

Marco Viti Farmaceutici, a historic Italian company now part of the Zeta Farmaceutici Group. Founded in 1933, over time Marco Viti has built a solid production and research facility, recognised for its quality. It manufactures and markets pharmaceuticals, medical-surgical devices and nutritional supplements.

Top quality, but affordable. Extreme customisation of service and offer.

Italian production
Marco Viti is part of the great Italian pharmaceutical tradition. Its factory is located in Mozzate, Como. It has two divisions: pharmaceuticals and dietary supplements 
The raw materials are purchased from selected, qualified suppliers, subject to periodic checks. They are kept in "quarantine" until the laboratories have completed the microbiological and chemical-physical analyses. Certified organisational and control systems ensure the highest quality at every stage of production: research and development, innovation, packaging, logistics and distribution.